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A man and his wife die in a car accident

The man is greeted by Death. “Choose your game”, says Death, “win and you will get a second chance at life, lose and you will die”.

As an avid poker player, its an easy choice for the man.

As they begin, the man loses the first few hands.

As the next hand is drawn, the man is starting to feel nervous. He notices deaths scythe propped against the wall and as death lifts his cards to look, he can see their full reflection in the scythe.

He starts winning, hand by hand, folding some, winning others, losing a few in between so death doesn’t cotton on to his method.

Slowly, but surely, he’s got death by the balls, a couple more hands and he’s won.

“You know, I don’t know how you’ve done it”, says Death, “but you’re actually going to beat me”.

Not this hand, thinks the man. He’s seen Death has a pair of Kings and he’s going to have to fold and wait for the next one.

“Good news from above too, seems like your wife has pulled through, she’s going to be alright.”

The man takes a moment, then says…

“All in”

6 responses to “A man and his wife die in a car accident”

  1. BaronCoop Avatar

    Also, if the man is winning then his “all-in” is more than Death’s and he will have to lose a minimum of one more big hand after that.

  2. sterfri99 Avatar

    Haha man hates wife funny

  3. Travis203 Avatar

    Guy has 7 2 off suit and flops 777

  4. RDAwesome Avatar

    Oh, because he hates his wife, I get it

  5. Jankster79 Avatar

    “Death died.”

  6. awesomewealthylife Avatar

    What if he goes all in because he loves her? He might not lose, maybe he thinks he can win the hand? How does he see Death having a King king? Is this stretch? Is the romantic in me too strong?

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