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A linguist walks into a bar

Bartender: Sir, what beer would you like?

Linguist: IPA

Bartender: Oh sorry, \[sɜː, wɒt bɪə wəd jə laɪk\]

4 responses to “A linguist walks into a bar”

  1. EvilRedRobot Avatar

    aɪ doʊnt gɛt ɪt

  2. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    “Oh pardon us sir…” and with that, in one fluid motion he hoists the compliant waitress up onto the bar and yanks down her panties as she eagerly spreads her legs wide open.

    Then, with a broad sweeping gesture the barkeep beckons the customer to approach the waiting lass, saying, “Again, please forgive us, for although we both pegged you as a *master-debater…*

    …neither of us realized you were also a *cunning linguist*”

  3. pikapika200 Avatar

    I don’t speak IPA

  4. Semper_5olus Avatar

    I’m American, so this bartender’s pronunciation threw me.

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