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A husband and wife are in the doctor’s office

The wife says “doctor, my husband suffers from erectile dysfunction”. The husband interjects “well, technically it’s her who suffers from it”.

6 responses to “A husband and wife are in the doctor’s office”

  1. s7evenofspades Avatar

    I heard this with premature ejaculation instead of ED; joke works better that way.

  2. Buddy2269 Avatar

    My wife was giving me a wank, she said why are you taking so long?

    I said, I can’t think of anyone..

  3. MrRostin Avatar

    I love short jokes; so does my wife

  4. jimph Avatar

    My ex-girlfriend caused erectile dysfunction!

  5. OblongAndKneeless Avatar


  6. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    This joke is extraordinarily ill-conceived. Just think of the misogynistic attitude that imagines that, denied the principal requisite for sexual performance – an erect penis – it is the *woman* whose suffering is the greatest? As if the pleasure that *only* her man can give her (and *only* with his erection) is far more significant than what *he* loses? Stupid at *every* level and betrays an adolescent perspective on heterosexuality. Not a hater and not a prude but this joke is about 50 years past its “Best Before” date, imo.

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