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A guy sees a beautiful woman in a bar

He goes up to her and asks if he can buy her a drink.
*”Fuck off buddy, I’m a lesbian!”.*
Confused, the guy says “So what? What does that mean?”
She says *”You don’t know what a lesbian is?”*
*”Okay. See that hot little number over there? The one with the short skirt and the great legs?”*
“Oh yeah!”
*”Well, I’d like to start licking her toes and take a week before I get to her ears, that’s what a lesbian is!”*
The guys starts sobbing.
She says *”What’s wrong with you?”*
He says between sobs, “I must be a lesbian too!”

One response to “A guy sees a beautiful woman in a bar”

  1. MacerationMacy Avatar

    why is he sobbing

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