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A blonde sees a cow with no horns…

…so she asks the farmer, “Excuse me, but why wouldn’t a cow have any horns?”

The farmer replies, “Well, ma’am, there are several reasons a cow might not have horns. Firstly, some breeds just don’t have horns. Another reason is sometimes we cut them off when a cow gets too rambunctious and too dangerous to handle and be around. Yet another reason is because sometimes when they are calves we put a type of acid where the horns are growing and this stops the horns from forming.” The blonde then points and asks, “OK, but what about that cow, why doesn’t it have any horns?” The farmer replies, “Well, ma’am, the reason why THAT particular cow has no horns is because it’s a horse.”

21 responses to “A blonde sees a cow with no horns…”

  1. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    And she replies, “I’m not stupid, you know! Over the years I’ve driven a Pinto, a Colt, a Charger *and* a Mustang…

    … and *they all* had horns!”

  2. oncemoor Avatar

    Thought the punchline was going to be… because that is my wife.

  3. friendsfreak Avatar

    Ah yes, a Buddy Hackett classic.

  4. Socrtea5e Avatar

    A blonde sees another blonde in the middle of a wheat field rowing a boat. She stops, gets out, and yells, “You’re why everyone thinks blondes are dumb. If I could swim I would go to you and kick your ass.”

  5. adviceKiwi Avatar

    Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don’t work.

  6. bigelow6698 Avatar

    A blonde goes to a store that sells appliances. She asks the man behind the counter permission to purchase a TV. The cashier says, “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t sell to blondes.” The blonde is surprised. She comes back the next day wearing a brunette wig. Luckily, a different man is behind the counter. She asks if she can purchase that same TV. The man says, “I’m sorry, we don’t sell the blondes.” The woman is surprised. She asks how he knew that she was wearing a wig. The man says, “That’s not a TV, that’s a microwave.”

  7. Garbage-Powerful Avatar

    The joke was not funny but today I learned why some cows might not have horns.

  8. DANGERGUST Avatar

    That cow is my wife

  9. monadyne Avatar

    You want my advice? Marry a nice girl.
    Don’t give these whoop-dee-doo girls a second thought!

  10. henry_canabanana Avatar

    Farmer: If they have horn, they will be horny

  11. x8tl04 Avatar

    fuck you op i just fucking breathed out of my nose so hard snot came out

    ….now i need to go to the bathroom cos theres no tissues 🙁

  12. wolfie379 Avatar

    The programmer assumed that cows with horns were interrupt driven – because he read that cows without horns were polled.

  13. chrispy137 Avatar

    Then why is that girl milking him?

  14. gigaswardblade Avatar

    It would’ve been hilarious if she pointed to a chicken instead

  15. tkrokli Avatar

    Needs more cowbell.

  16. starfyredragon Avatar

    The farmer goes into the city for some supplies and sees the blonde again later in the week, and says, “Excuse me, but why doesn’t that horse have a tail?”

    She looks where he’s pointing and then looks back at him, “Well, Sir, there are several reasons why a horse may not have a tail. It could be a genetic defect. It could also be that the guy giving carriage rides covered it to keep it dry in the rain…”

    He interrupts her, “Yea, but is that the case here?”

    She looks where he’s pointing closer, and then looks back at him, “Sir… that’s a motorcycle.”

  17. crzdesi Avatar

    First of all…I had to stop reading the joke to look up “rambunctious”

  18. Dr_Rapier Avatar

    Hahaha blonde is stupid /s
    Lazy lazy jokes.

  19. nicktheking92 Avatar

    Well cows don’t have horns. Bulls do though.

  20. AllisonDamMillr Avatar

    666th like

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