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A blonde accidentally drops 20$ down the toilet

She asks her boyfriend to grab it for her and he says:

“Y’know, honey, 20$ isn’t really worth putting my hand on the toilet.”

“Would 70$ be worth it?”

“70$? Yeah, I suppose.”

The blonde drops 50$ down the toilet.

5 responses to “A blonde accidentally drops 20$ down the toilet”

  1. therealfatmike Avatar

    Seems pretty clever to me.

  2. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    But to prove she actually *was* blonde, she then *flushed* while screaming, *”Hurry!”*

  3. cthulhouette Avatar

    sounds like a porn movie plot to me. drops, then tries to retrieve, bends over and – whatchu doin’ boy?

  4. SugarTaleCountry91 Avatar

    why is everyone posting blonde jokes?….its kinda fuckin annoyin to read that word ‘blonde’

  5. frstyle34 Avatar

    Women just can’t hold money. r/suddenlygay. Lol

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